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Rules. Sorry, we have to make them here !
« on: October 02, 2015, 12:39:45 PM »

Please make sure to read this before posting for the first time. You may accidentally be violating the forum rules and get suspended. We don't want that to happen.


We encourage thoughtful, on-topic posts. These types of posts improve the quality of the forums for the entire community. We discourage really short posts, one-liners, and off-topic posts. If your post is not related to the first post of a thread (i.e. the topic at hand), DO NOT POST. If you are unsure, answer the below questions:

1. Am I basically just saying hi to someone who replied in this thread?
2. Is my post really short and basically worthless to this topic?
3. Am I just making a joke or comment that isn't related to the topic?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, DO NOT POST. Your post will be deleted and you will may be suspended from the forums. If you continue to post off-topic you will be permanently banned from the forums and your account may be deleted. Turning threads into a chat line is not fair to the original poster or the community. So don't do it. If you want to 'chat', post in the Chat Room forum.


If someone is being a jerk to you or someone else, do not reciprocate. Flag the post. If you start attacking back, you will be banned along with the offender. If you insult others you will be banned.


Having problems with a certain member? Getting harassed? Report them. Flag offending posts. Do not create a thread on the public forum talking about your interactions with said member. It will be deleted. You will be banned. Never name names!

Also, if you happen to be the kind of person who just happens to always end up in the middle of drama you will probably eventually be deleted from the site. Don't be a drama queen.


Create a descriptive title for your thread. If you create a title that is 1-2 words, people won't have any idea of what your topic is about and may simply ignore it. It will then get buried and move to page 2+ where no one will see it. Describe your topic in your title.

Short thread titles that aren't descriptive make it hard to scan the forums for interesting topics. Your thread may be deleted. So think for a minute and come up with a title that will tell readers what your thread is about without them having to click on it.


There are many forums, make sure your thread is being posted to the correct forum or it may be deleted. Be especially careful with general topics. There is a General Discussion forum and a Chat Room forum. Post in those forums if your topic isn't related to dating, relationships, or any other forum you may be in.


The forums are not the place to post your 'ad'. Don't create something like "Hi I am so and so, looking to meet someone in (insert location here)" (except in the introductions forum). Your profile is where you do that. Forums are where you talk about issues. If you post an ad like this in the forums it will be removed and you will be suspended.


Make sure the topic you are about to start hasn't already been discussed in the last few days.

Also, for people who have been here awhile and have seen it all, if someone new posts a topic that's been discussed already but not recently, do NOT post a reply insulting the person for posting something that has already been talked about to death. Just leave the thread alone. There are a lot of new people coming in all the time that haven't discussed said issue yet, let them have their fun.

Why was my thread/post deleted?

If your thread or post was deleted it was due to one of the below reasons:

1. Your thread or post was off-topic.
2. Your thread turned into a chat line, flame war, or basically just went way off-topic and was ruined by other people. This is not fair to you but it does happen sometimes.
3. There is a chance your thread was actually moved. If you posted in the wrong forum this might be the case.

Other comments/FAQ

1. Does getting flagged or reported get me deleted or banned??

No, getting your profile or posts flagged simply informs moderators to take a closer look at the post and/or profile. If you were in fact violating the rules you may be suspended from the forums for 24 hours or possibly much much longer, depending on the offense. You can't get automatically deleted or banned by being reported you so don't worry about that.

- If you are going to post a new thread, please use correct spelling and try to make some sense. There is limited screen space. If the title of your thread doesn't make any sense or has misspellings it may be deleted. I'm not saying your post has to be perfect, but your title needs to be legible.

- Regarding content in your posts: Do not insert images that contain any nudity or near nudity. You will be immediately suspended, possibly deleted. Do not post anything that is patently offensive. Use common sense and common decency. We all know what the line is and when we cross it. Keep things rated PG-13, not X. And don't post anything illegal or promoting illegal activities.

- If one of your friends gets suspended, do NOT post a new thread saying how so and so is suspended. That will get deleted, and then you will probably be suspended too.

- Don't insert HTML that messes up the look of the forums. Also don't insert a billion images or videos, some people are on slow connections/computers and don't want to have to download a thread for 2 hours

Don't get mad if your post or thread was deleted. Don't post a new thread about why your thread was deleted. If your post was deleted it was because you violated the rules. If you get banned it was because you violated the rules.

Overall, just be nice to people. Treat everyone like you want to be treated. Ignore the troublemakers, they will be removed from the site eventually.


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